Forest tales

My current work, Forest Tales, is a series of paintings with a story to tell, each painting taking the viewer on a fairy tale journey into the land of their imagination. In the large scale canvases the detailed shapes and vibrant colours bring the forest to life. When looking closely at the painting, one discovers the suggestion of a fairy, a bird, or other creature… seemingly hidden within the painting.

While creating this series, it’s brought me back to my childhood love of fairy-tales and the mythical beauty of the forest and nature...


Wearable Art

A few years ago I set out to make a painting as a symbol of my essence. While I was painting I imagined myself wearing my art and I was suddenly inspired with the idea of making my painting into a dress. I began researching how I could transform my original artwork onto fabric. My vision was to re-create the complete painting onto fabric for a unique style that represented my art. 

Using images of my work I created a computerised design of the dress. The design is digitally transferred onto fabric, and then hand cut and sewn...

Book Cover.png


One day, the title for a book just popped into my head. I liked it so I wrote it down.

And I didn't think of it again.

It's as if I planted a seed in my garden... forgot about it... and then one day I realised that this flower that's blossomed came from that seed long ago!

And ironically, this is what my book is about. It's about creation. 

It's about having a dream and making it real...